CNY Hamper HG 03

— Great Ocean Ruby Cabernet 2012 Classic Californian Varietal Red Wine 750ml
—Chwee Song Bird’s Nest with Ginseng, White Fungus & Rock Sugar 70ml x 3

— New Moon King Top Shell in Abalone Sauce (Slice) 425g
— Golden Fried Fish Maw 90g
— Premium Grade Dried Mushroom 60g
— Selected Grade Snow Fungus 40g
— Macau Hong Hong Green Tea Almond Crisp 120g
— Aromatic Golden Broad Bean 70g
— Blackcurrant Gummy Fruit Jelly 110g
— Ambrosia Seafood Crackers 80g
— Ambrosia Crab Cracker 70g
— Shredded Nutmeg 40g
— Elegant Packaging
—Prompt & Courteous Delivery
— Silver Bells Guarantee & Greeting Card

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